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This section is to help parents, teachers, tutors, students and anyone who is interested in learning about Singapore Maths.

The main advantage of Singapore Maths is the heuristics or special strategies that enable the student to understand complicated problem sums.

The major exam that all primary school students have to sit is the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and the Maths questions in this exam are some of the toughest they will ever encounter in primary school.



Charlie and James are picking up pebbles.  Charlie picked up two-thirds as many pebbles as James.  After James threw away 16 pebbles, he has 3 fewer pebbles than Charlie.  How many pebbles did Charlie pick up?


More Examples

Question 1
Bryan invited 20 more boys than girls to a party. 3/4 of the boys and 2/3 of the girls came. 19 kids didn’t come. How many kids did he invite?


Question 2
Kavita had 50% fewer erasers than Mark. After Mark gave 15 of his erasers to Kavita, Kavita had 40% fewer erasers than Mark. How many erasers did Kavita have at first?


Question 3
At first, the ratio of Shanti's savings to Roy's savings was 5 : 4. After each of them donated $60 to charity, the ratio of Shanti's savings to Roy's savings became
13 : 10. How much was Shanti's savings at first?


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Here are some methods used to solve Singapore Maths:

Drawing Models / Comparing Numbers

Before and After

Work Backwards

Guess and Check

Using Symbols

Find a Pattern