Addition and Subtraction Questions

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Problem sums are the most difficult component of a Math exam or test. Here are some questions that need either addition or subtraction or both to solve.

Try solving all the questions before looking at the answers.

Talk out the problem, understand it and then come up with a step-by-step solution. These questions are suitable for grades 1 - 3.


1. Susan has 3 blueberry muffins and 4 chocolate chip cookies.
   How many muffins and cookies does Susan have altogether? Answer

2. I have some pencils. I gave my little brother 2 of my pencils.
   I have 4 pencils left. How many pencils did I have at first? Answer

Medium Hard

3. Sally has 8 books. John has 3 more books than Sally. How many books do
    both children have altogether? Answer

4. A book costs $12. A toy car is $7 cheaper than the book. How much money
    do I need to buy the book and toy car? Answer


5. Micky is 4 years younger than Tom. Their combined age is 18.
    How old is Micky? Answer

6. Sam bought some apples, oranges and pears. There are 5 more apples than
    oranges. There 7 fewer pears than apples. If there are 6 pears, how many
    fruits did Sam buy altogether?  Answer