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A percent is special type of fraction.  It is a fraction where the denominator is 100.  The symbol we use for percent is %.

Just like a fraction, a percent is a comparison of 2 numbers.  For example, 1% means 1 part out of 100 parts.

This is the most important thing to note about percentages.  We will see why a little later on.

When working with percentages, it is very helpful to know how to convert percent into fractions, or fractions into percent.

One way to convert a fraction to a percent is to change the denominator of the fraction to 100.

However, if the denominator of a fraction cannot be easily changed to 100, we use another method to convert it to percent.  Just multiply the fraction by 100.

Remember that percentages can be written in several ways: as a whole number, mixed number (also called a mixed fraction) or as a decimal.

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