Help Your Primary 1 Child
Understand Numbers

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Does your Primary 1 child have trouble understanding how to arrange a list of numbers in the correct order, especially from biggest to smallest?  If so, here are some tips for you to help him or her.

Make sure your child knows how to read and write numbers. Children are very familiar with counting small numbers up to maybe 20. It is important that your child can recognize numbers up to 100 or greater.

Give them a chart of numbers so there is something they can use as a reference.  They will feel more confident this way.  The chart will help them realize that there is a specific way that numbers come about, for example 37 always comes after 36. There is a logical order to how numbers are formed. 

Here is a free chart you can print out.

Print out the chart a second time to cut out the numbers.  Give your child 4 or 5 consecutive numbers at a time for them to arrange in order.  Start with numbers within a range, for example, 20's. Go on to overlapping ranges, for example 28 to 32.

I hope you find these tips useful.  Share your methods in teaching your child Maths.