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1 - 100 Number Chart

This is a chart of numbers from 1 to 100.The numbers are also written in words so your child can learn the spelling.

Your child can color the numbers to make it more personal. Print one set on normal paper and use it as a reference chart. Print another set on card stock or art paper so it is more durable. Cut out the individual numbers so your child can use it for hands-on activities.

Use it with this worksheet:

Sample FUN Math worksheet.

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Ones, Tens, Hundreds

Like a set of Russian nesting dolls, these number tiles enable your child to 'look into' the heart of a number to see what lies within.

They are especially helpful when teaching addition, subtraction, place value, number bonds etc.

Playing Cards

Use these cards to practise addition or multiplication. You can also use them to play memory games. These cards are a useful alternative to the usual poker cards.

Guess the Number Game

Print and cut out these cards. Use them to play Guess the Number.

You can also use them in your own games on comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and so on.

I would love to know what games you come up with using these cards. Share your ideas.

Number Sense Cards

Use these fun cards to test your child's number sense. See who can answer the fastest.

Rounding Off Cards

These cards teach your child the concept of rounding off. The number line is the best method of help your child understand this concept.

Understanding Multiplication

This is a set of cards with groups of dots to help your child understand multiplication. The cards can also be used by your child to practice counting.

Multiplication worksheet:

Fun Math Cards

These cards present Math problems using only pictures. These type of questions are also called IQ Math questions. These cards will help your child learn to understand word problems because it trains your child to look for the essence of the problem.


Simple division worksheet:

Division practice cards:

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