Games For Learning Math

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Memory and Concentration

To learn any subject, your child needs to be able to concentrate and focus on what the teacher is saying or what the other children are doing. Here is a great game to play in a group or individually.

Board Games

These are board games that I created to help children learn with minimal stress.  Use these boards with your flash cards, task cards and so on.  The Q is when the player has to answer a question to get points.

Understanding Different Types of Numbers in Math

Numbers can be categorized in many ways. I created a simple pdf consisting of a grid of numbers or digits.  The goal is to take turns to make as many of a particular type of number as possible.  Watch the video to understand it better.

This game is good for children who are learning about multiples, even numbers, odd numbers or any other type of numbers for the first time.  They have to think about the special features that make up that particular type of number. 

It can be simple 2-digit numbers or numbers like 'Even numbers between 500 and 700'. 

Get Numbers Game here (PDF - download).

Addition Card Game

These cards look like poker cards but there are no written numbers on them.  They have from one to ten pictures of apples and oranges. 

The main advantage is that children learn to count very quickly.  They also learn to about a number from the arrangement of the objects. 

This skill is called subitizing, which is the ability to tell at a glance, the number of objects presented without actually counting.

These cards help them to mentally add numbers very quickly. 

  1. Show them a card with 9 objects and another with 3 objects.
  2. Explain that if they mentally move one object from the 3 to the 9, you will end up with a card with 10 objects and the other with 2 objects to give a total of 12 objects. 
  3. This helps them to be able to add 9 with any number and get the correct answer very quickly.

 You can print your own similar cards here (PDF - download).